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BQuick Tri-Dat | We are a full service endurance and multisport triathlon company offering triathlon programs designed to introduce entry level and new to the sport age group athletes to specialized triathlon training and race preparation. Located outside of New Orleans, LA, with two of the best USAT Level I & Level II certified coaches in the business with over 30 years combined experience, Tri-Dat offers an array of triathlon services such as individual training and race plans, nutrition consulting, testing and analysis, as well as camps and seminars. Tri-Dat is also one of the largest USAT tri clubs in the Gulf South, with its members training and racing all over the world.

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We hope everyone is getting back into training and racing mode with the 2014 triathlon season upon us. Below please find information about how to renew your club membership for 2014 with or without a tri kit. If you are not sure if you are a current member on our roster please reply to this email. Also, we will probably place a new tri kit order in early March so please do not delay if you need new kits or assorted uniform pieces.

Tri-Dat Merchandise

If you would like to purchase any available Tri-Dat merchandise please go here:

Tri-Dat Event Calendar

If you would like to have us add any events not listed on our team calendar please let us know. See current listings here:

Steps to renewing & registering as a Tri-Dat member:

**If you are not sure if you are currently on our USAT Roster for Member Renewal options with or without kit please contact us at or call 1-855-879-2784.

**New Members must choose option for "New Member with Tri Kit".

STEP 1: Visit our web site

STEP 2: Select the "Join the Team" tab on the tool bar.

“Join the Team” Page:

Tri-Dat Member Renewal with Tri Kit, $150:

Tri-Dat Member Renewal without Tri Kit, $50:

STEP 3: By clicking each membership option you will be able to see the details, before selecting which member option best fits your needs.

STEP 4: Follow the instruction to complete checkout and purchase.

               -Upon completing your check you will receive a conformation e-mail.

               -This confirmation e-mail contains the password to access the other pages under the "Join the Team" tab.

STEP 5: Please use the password from the confirmation e-mail to complete your Member Agreement, Code of Conduct Agreement, and Uniform order.

               -NOTE: Team Registration or Renewal is not complete until all of these forms are completed.

Sincerely Yours in Sport,

Tri-Dat Staff


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