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Tri-Dat Kona Level Sponsor
The terms of this agreement shall commence on signing and expire on December 31 of contract year. Neither party shall have rights defined in this agreement after contract expiration. Renewal agreements shall be discussed 30 days prior to expiration, or at a time agreeable to all parties. As used herein, this agreement includes any successor in interest thereto. This contract is noncancelable. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Louisiana.
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Price: $1,000.00
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Prod. Code: BQTD-S-KONA


• Sponsor corporate logo will appear on print materials, t-shirts, banners, and

marketing materials as ‘elite supporter’ level format

• Sponsor marketing/promotional materials will be given to each participant

• Sponsor will be featured on our Internet media (website, Facebook) and will be

included in updates

• Sponsor will be given the opportunity to put their own marketing materials or

samples in participant goodie bag for all team sponsored events

• Sponsor will have opportunity to have a presence at all team sponsored events

Sponsor will be talked about regularly for their participation and support of the

program, including in any press or media opportunities

• Sponsor has the opportunity to present an offer or coupon to all club members

• Sponsor will receive one (1) top or jersey and a 20% discount on additional Tri-Dat

uniforms and merchandise

Sponsor will receive logo placement on Tri-Dat uniform

front/upper rear placement location based on available space and ordering






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